Equipment for Upholstery Industry -Shenzhen ZhongLiDa Macinery Co.,LTD
hot key words:
Sales Engineer
Recruitment: 10

1. College degree or above, more than one year of foreign trade sales experience; fluent in spoken English, able to communicate with customers normally, welcome English or foreign trade majors to recruit fresh students.
2. Experience in related products, lighting, cable business and other related businesses is preferred.
3. Be familiar with network promotion and relevant channels;
4. Strong learning ability, hard-working, willing to develop with the company;
5. Please indicate your willingness to work when sending your resume
6. Working place: Shenzhen
Product recommendation
  • Address:Shenzhen Zhonglida Machinery Co., LTd
  • Tel:0755-25391769
  • Fax:0755-25391769
  • E-mail:[email protected]
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